Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)


Word Cloud "Software As A Service"Conventional software licence model

In the traditional licensing model, the customer has to invest in the IT infrastructure, the software as well as in updating and troubleshooting. This is an expensive and possibly risky investment. The customer buys the software and thus obtains the license and the right to use the software. The provider provides the customer with an installation package. For the installation a complete IT infrastructure (hardware, operating system, database, etc.) is required. After the successful installation, the software is configured to meet the business requirements. With the completion of the software implementation, the company takes over the complete operation of the IT infrastructure and related IT tasks. Mostly a maintenance contract must be completed. This contains update and bug fixes for software errors.

Software as a Service

The basic idea of SaaS is very similar to a power company. The customer obtains its electricity demand over the socket. The customer does not maintain its own power generators in the back yard, but the energy supplier takes over the necessary work for the power generation. Der Kunde nutzt ausschließlich den Strom und bezahlt hierfür eine nutzungsabhängige Gebühr. The customer only uses the electricity and pays for this a usage-based fee.

From the perspective of the service recipient

The SaaS model offers companies a number of advantages over the traditional license purchase:


  • Low investment risk.
  • Low IT costs.
  • Very fast implementation.
  • Reduction of the complexity of IT process.
  • Mobility.
  • Concentration on the core business.



  • Dependence on the service provider.
  • Slow data transfer speed.
  • Less customization options.
  • Data and transaction security.


The alleged disadvantages of the SaaS are equalized by us by individual measures.

  • The speed of the data transfer depends in wide ranges only on your Internet connection. Our applications run like locally installed software. A speed difference is not noticeable in normal operation.
  • We are customer oriented and always have an open ear for your wishes and suggestions – please contact us.